At Smart Logistics offer a comprehensive range of supply chain solutions from transportation of simple product flows to complex freight management solutions, from warehousing to distribution.


Quality facilities strategically sourced throughout the UK and located to suit your business, with a huge variety of storage solutions. Facilities range from single-stack floor storage to generous multi-level racking.

We can store a wide range of products, including chemicals, packaging, finished goods, foodstuffs and raw materials. Any size of pallet can be accommodated. As an added value service, product can be received loose, then palletised and shrink-wrapped or packaged to facilitate storage.

Smart LogisticsĀ as your European Consolidation point

We provide one contact point to take care of the handling of all physical product requirements, through to the administration and control of all incoming documentation. Our clients benfit from a single source of supply chain expertise incorporating value-enhancing activities such as stock reworking, product manipulation and returns management.

Mix and Match

We can provide a customised solution to all of your logistics needs. We provide import and export services by land, sea and air, and can design a plan to suit your specific needs by mixing and matching any combination of our service options.

Multi-Modal logistics

Environmentally Friendly Multi-modal logistics – taking the vehicle off the road and onto the train or by use of short-sea services for example – greatly reduces the carbon footprint of a journey and is a cost effective and positive way to reduce pressure on the environment.

Cross Trade

Cross Trade traffic requires an understanding of local procedures in countries where you are not based. Smart Logistics can provide that knowledge with its experience in this field and strong overseas presence. Moving shipments globally, for example from London to Shanghai, or Mumbai to New York is a simple task for Smart Logistics.

Engineering and Marine Engineering Project Logistics Co-ordination

If you are using overseas suppliers, selling overseas, or controlling these functions, wherever you are based, then why not use Smart Logistics as your European consolidation point?

With many years experience in delivering transport solutions, you can rely on us to rise to any challenge and manage your entire logistics programme – from planning and concept to operation. Our comprehensive services are uniquely useful to marine engineering and engineering companies, the oil industry, ship owners and agents worldwide. Neutrality is guaranteed.