Smart Logistics

At Smart Logistics, we believe you deserve a quality, personal and friendly service try us, we guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

A comprehensive range of supply chain solutions from transportion of simple product flows to complex freight management solutions, from warehousing to consultancy.


Quality facilities strategically sourced and located to suit your business, with a huge variety of storage solutions. Facilities range from single-stack floor storage to generous multi-level tracking.

We can store a wide range of products, including chemicals, packaging, finished goods, and raw materials. Any size of pallet can be accommodated. As an added value service, product can be received loose, then palletised and shrink-wrapped or packaged to facilitate storage.

Import Services

If you are using overseas suppliers, selling overseas or controlling these functions, wherever you are based, then why not use Smart Logistics?

We provide one contact point to take care of the administration and control of all incoming documentation through to the physical handling of your supply requirements.

Look at these great services!

Smart Logistics’ extensive overseas network of agents, allows contact with your suppliers/customers in their own language and time zone.

We provide import services by land, sea and air, together with storage and domestic delivery of cargo, and can design a plan to suit your specific requirements, by mixing and matching any combination of our services, for example:

  • Import customs clearance, and assistance with discharge of fiscal responsibilities, such as taxes, and customs duties.
  • Documentation preparation, presentation, legislation and certification, and consular documents.
  • Marine Insurance cover.
  • Cargo/material consolidation, packing, load and route planning.
  • Co-ordinated load-out and transportation by road, sea or air.
  • Any size, any weight, any destination world-wide.

To optimise demand flow logistics, we can provide a customised solution for all your logistics needs.

Smart Logistics customers are expected to demand the highest standards and adherence to the most exacting schedules. Therefore, we are the company to choose where quality and service are your main considerations.